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Monthly Meeting - March 2023


Audio Equipment - 60 day in-store swap, send off for repair or exchange afterwards.

Accessories - 30 day in-store swap, send off for repair or exchange afterwards

Customer invoice/receipt is REQUIRED for all warranties


Schedule for billed time + a minimum of 30min

Hand-write due back times on ALL work orders

Techs aren't sales people - don't call them up to sell a project - they are for time, compatibility, and needed accessories consults AFTER the initial sales process is complete

Get out from behind the counter, and stand when a client is present

Consult with tech on your install details, and collaborate with them in scheduling


Isaac's Mastertech trip

Woodshop training

Morning processes / check-ins

End-of-day processes / clean-up / cars

Grand National project

Everything Else:

Troubleshooting processes

Staff lunches

Taylor out on vacation all next week - following Monday

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