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Monthly Meeting - September 2023

Sales Floor

Workflow Management - CLOSER, but still needs work

Labor Descriptions on every line (revisit)

Sales Check-Ins must be completed correctly - this means going to the vehicle (morning & afternoon) (revisit)

Blow through the Hertz Cento inventory - BOGO sale

Get out from behind the counter, and stand when a client is present (revisit)

Great clients within 10 seconds when they enter


Don't forget to upsell!

Don't bullshit the tech-ins

Firstech account utilizing?


September Sales Goal - $121k ($23k as of today)

- Merch - $79k - Install - $42k

Daily Goal - $5793

Makup (daily) Goal - $819

August's goal was $118k - and we beat it @ $125k!!!

Clean up and prep for the Holiday Season

New Products

JL Audio! (finally)


Rylan Powell - 9/9

Isaac Wood - 9/10

Adam Brown - 9/20

Wes' 6 Speakerbox Year Anniversary!

Employee Manual
Download PDF • 3.72MB


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