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Monthly Meeting - SEPTEMBER 7th

Workflow Process

All completed work orders/estimates MUST be marked completed

Authorizations MUST be completed for ALL installs/changes/adjustments

Photos of installed equipment MUST be included in check-out

Client Communication

Identifying client expectations

Connect what they want with what we offer

Effectively communicate the end result

We are a business providing a service


Countless sales resources - unused

Experience is our product, not logistics

We provide solutions - this means listening for client goals

What is your "why"?

Ordered Parts / Pulled Parts / Accessories

Product not verified before ordering / wrong items ordered

Sales - it is YOUR responsibility to verify parts before pulling or ordering. (vendors, tech support, web resources, shop staff)

Shop - it is YOUR responsibility to verify parts before installing. (vendors, tech support, web resources, sales staff)

Ask questions, verify details. DON'T ASSUME! If it doesn't fit, doesn't look right, or doesn't make sense - verify before proceeding.

Verifying Product & Installations

Kits / Harnesses used or partially installed before realizing they're incorrect

THOROUGHLY read through work orders and tickets before starting install - ask questions before starting if something doesn't match up, make sense, or seem optimum

Brands & Products

Alpine to be reduced to absolute minimal levels

Soundskins is out, Soundshied is back in. My bad.

Audio Dynamics & Alpine product surplus

Good News & Events!

9/8 - Wes' 5 year Anniversary

9/9 - Rylan's Birthday

9/10 - Isaac's Birthday

9/20 - Adam's Birthday


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