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Monthly Meeting - August 2023

Sales Floor

Workflow Management still needs work

Estimate Follow-Ups - ONLY during business hours

Labor Descriptions on every line

Sales Check-Ins must be completed correctly - this means going to the vehicle (morning & afternoon)

Notes made for any specifics - i.e., "check out glove box light while installing radio"

Walk the stockroom & hold shelf every morning

Get out from behind the counter, and stand when a client is present (revisit)

POS Challenges


Product Manuals in new packets & placed on passenger seat! Serial #s are needed for registering product (N/A CES, Warranty, etc.)


August Sales Goal - $118k

- Merch - $72k - Install - $46k

Post Nova "Shop Purge" - *Volunteers Needed

New display boards & "Woofer Island" shipping soon!

New Products

Alpine 1200w MONO amp - 2 / 1 ohm stable


Taco's 42nd Birthday! 8/10/23


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