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Monthly Meeting - JANUARY 4th 2023

Client Communication & Service

Deposit structure for clients / appointments

- CSE Appointments

- Over-the-phone scenarios

Informing someone about an incident is not equal to assigning it to them

- SS request forms

- Problems w/clients or orders

How are we tracking long-term client waits/orders/problems?

Response time on estimate requests (web/phone)

Check DAILY for your client's SOs and parts (LOOK FIRST)

Stay on top of client vehicle's progress throughout the day.

This is a proactive process - not reactive.

Sales staff and Shop Manager should be aware of every vehicle at all times.

This means making inquiries and monitoring progress.

Shop Monkey - Related

Check-in / Check-out boxes checked without being completed

"Completing" jobs in SM better - not perfect

Daily "Workflow" maintenance

If it's not completed in SM, you will not get credit!

If appointment not confirmed (green), official call is a MUST

Items to Review

Knowledgefest Details / Planning

Product / Education Schedule

Good News & Events!

Knowledgefest Feb 2nd-6th

Flight Conf# 195-219-285-16

Leaving Nashville on 2/2 @ 1:30pm - Arriving in Las Vegas @ 3:30pm

Leaving Las Vegas on 2/6 @ 11:01am - Arriving in Nashville @ 4:41pm


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