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Monthly Meeting - JULY 5th

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Appointment RECAP

Deposits are required for ALL appointments.

If the client does not want to put one down, then they can drop off when they would like and we'll squeeze it in when a spot becomes available.

Utilize the back lot appropriately.

Shop Monkey Transition

It's that time - transitioning on July 13th.

We'll be closing at 4pm that day to start transferring.

Get ready! Complete all of your specific Shop Monkey training modules.

When it gets busy - keep your head on straight!

Look for solutions instead of blame.

Determine a course of action, get what help you need, and complete the tasks at hand.

Have your spoken to your Manager?

Do you have a plan?

Good News!

Google reviews have been great!

The 26th is Taco's 1-Year Anniversary!


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