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Monthly Meeting - OCTOBER 12th

Let's Review Some Basics...

Speakers can be installed on just a factory head unit, and an amplifier can be installed on OEM speakers.

Price Match Guarantee: must be identical product, verifiably in-stock, from a local competitor. Chain stores included (i.e. Best Buy, Electronics Express, etc.)

Clean Car Promise: means the car must leave cleaner than when it arrived. This means wiping prints, vacuuming, etc.

Shop staff needs to assist with clients and estimates when prompted

We offer OEM equipment repair as a service. We remove for a fee, send to UR, get estimate, client approves, we receive said unit back, we reinstall for a fee. ONLY IF WE CAN VERIFY COMPONENT FAILURE.

We will use our wiring as a standard of every install. Using client-supplied wiring and amp kits will be a rare exception and only if special circumstances exist.

Client Communication & Service

Provide the client with the solution they want/need, and collaborate with the shop to optimize. Both departments are working toward the same goal!

Please verify things.... Examples would be checking if a box will fit, if the customer's equipment is complete - with all the needed accessories, or even present! Are we upgrading for better sound or to fix a problem? What color is the dash?

Effectively communicate the end result

We are a business providing a service

Shop Monkey

Complete the work order in Shop Monkey! This means confirming inspections are 100%, assigning writers and technicians, and finalizing the estimate to an invoice once paid.

Complete the check-ins and check-outs in Shop Monkey!

Sales - Check-in, Check-out / Shop - Tech-in, Tech-out

If it's not completed in SM, you will not get credit!

Remote Start Season Prep

Compustar / Fortin applications

Qualify your client, then assign the right option

Verifying Product & Installations

Kits / Harnesses used or partially installed before realizing they're incorrect

THOROUGHLY read through work orders and tickets before starting install - ask questions before starting if something doesn't match up, make sense, or seem optimum.

Good News & Events!

Pumpkin Carving Contest! (with award)

Halloween is on a Monday - feel free to wear your costume!


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