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Monthly Meeting - AUGUST 2nd

Appointment Process

Shopmonkey scheduling process - any complications or questions?

Deposit & Troubleshoot Policies - results & feedback

Clients with vehicles present MUST BE ON SCHEDULE!

Tech assignment to jobs must occur prior to work starting

Shopmonkey Transition

Successful transition - thank you everyone!

Are all of your training modules completed? (videos & quizzes)

MECP Certifications

Sales Staff - Product Specialist / Apprentice Install

Shop Staff - Apprentice / Skilled Install

Ordered Parts / Pulled Parts / Accessories

Product not verified before ordering / wrong items ordered

(Mike Simmons - Mercedes, Evan Albright - Jeep, James Reed - Ford, etc.)

Verifying Product & Installations

Kits / Harnesses used or partially installed before realizing they're incorrect

THOROUGHLY read through work orders and tickets before starting install. ask questions before starting if anything doesn't match up

Soundskins Changeover

Types offered: Classic / Pro, Speaker Kits, Foam Speaker Rings

Replaces ALL other sound dampening material options

Workshop Kit - Uses

Good News & Events!

Tesla is finished - lots of great feedback!

Speakerbox's 11 year Anniversary is today!

Taco's Birthday 8/10


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