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Monthly Meeting - FEBRUARY 1st

Shopmonkey: Estimates & Invoices

Estimates made for "quick pricing" should be deleted immediately after use

Shopmonkey does not see Estimates as "completed" work, so they do not reflect in sales reports

End-of-day verifying of this is REQUIRED

Warranty & Troubleshooting

Warranty work will be scheduled for original installer when feasible

If warranty work is required immediately (heat case/dangerous), Isaac will evaluate & perform warranty work


Any deposit taken requires the Estimate to be switched to an Invoice

There is no Layaway, and deposits are not Layaway

Deposits should be 50% of total Invoice. If final amount is yet to determine, then 50% of what's estimated.

Paying full amount in advance is not an option - only an extreme exception for specific cases

Morning Huddle / Check-Ins / Opening Procedures

All displays should be on and playing music by 8:45

All cars should be pulled out and shop ready for installs by 8:45

Open Sign & Door open by 8:59

Morning Huddle from approximately 8:45-open

All Staff present for morning check-ins immediately following huddle

Good News & Events!

Don't forget Valentine's Day on the 14th

Vegas Knowledgefest!


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